Trilobyte Software Systems

With over 43 years (and counting) of experience in the business side of the information technology industry, the engineers at Trilobyte Software Systems have provided IBM I* system analysis, programming, midrange connectivity solutions and network architecture design for hundreds of satisfied customers. Trilobyte is dedicated to serving our customer base directly through on-site visits or remotely via VPN. We offer 24/7 escalated service contracts for shops that require 100% up time on a retainer basis.

Trilobyte is the ONLY worldwide distribution, sales and support point for Trilobyte IP Client (formerly Synapse IP Client, Synapse WinAPPC and Synapse NetWolf) which is the premier TN5250e Windows client solution for IBMi* display, printer and file transfer.

Trilobyte is the ONLY worldwide distribution, sales and support point for Emulator Transfer Utility (ETU/36 and ETU/400) which is the premier host based file transfer utility for the IBM I and IBM S/36 midrange computers.

We encourage you to take advantage of our talents and dedication to making the IBM i* system perform for your business enterprise.

Trilobyte offers the Trilobyte Elavon My Virtual Merchant Payment Method (Joomla) shopping cart system plugin that supports processing of credit card transactions through Elavon's My Virtual Merchant payment gateway system - the internal payment gateway provided by Elavon (US Bank) for its associated resellers (ie: Costco).

*IBM I, iSeries, AS/400, S/38, S/36, S/34 or S/32