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TECH NOTES - Elavon Payment Method Plugin for VirtueMart (Joomla)


This is a VirtueMart (Joomla) shopping cart system plugin that supports processing of credit card transactions through Elavon's My Virtual Merchant payment gateway system. My Virtue Merchant is the internal payment gateway provided by Elavon (US Bank) for its associated resellers (ie: Costco). Supported credit cards may include: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.


Joomla v3.4.8 minimum
VirtueMart v3.0.12 minimum
Elavon My Virtual Merchant account
SSL certificate on your website


A one-time license fee of $79 includes the most current version of the Elavon VirturMart Payment Method. Your purchase includes software updates and tech support (limited to this software) for six months from the date of purchase.

Installation notes:

Refer to Joomla "Install an extension" documentation to install this software on a Joomla VirtueMart website.

You will need to establish a merchant services account with Elavon to obtain access to the My Virtual Merchant payment gateway. Elavon will provide tech support and documentation regarding how to create an online profile for use with this Payment Method. You may need to contact Elavon tech support to accomplish this task as it is connected to your merchant account setup. Elavon will supply you with your Merchant ID, PIN, and User ID (typically "webpage) credentials that you will enter into the configuration form (see below).

To add and configure this Payment Method in VirtueMart you will need to login to Joomla as administrator. Then navigate to Payment Methods (Components; VirtueMart; Payment Methods; New).

Payment Method Information Tab

o Payment Name: Give a unique name to your payment method. This name will appear in your checkout page.
o Published: You must select YES for Published or this method will NOT appear in your store.
o Payment Description: This explanation will appear in the checkout page so your customer can understand the choice(s).
o Payment Method: Select payment method "elavon".
o Shopper Group: If you payment method is available for all shopper groups, DO NOT SELECT any shopper group. If you wish to restrict a payment method to a specific shopper group, click in the box to display the drop-down menu and select it. This method will be available only to that group.
o List Order: If you use multiple payment methods, put a 1 for this method to appear first, 2 to appear second, etc.
o Click the SAVE Button before moving onto the Configuration Tab so VirtueMart knows what configuration settings to show you.

Configuration Tab

o Account ID, PIN, and User ID as supplied by Elavon technical support.
o Credit Cards: Choose which credit cards are offered in your VirtueMart store: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and/or JCB. Start typing in the box for a list of credit cards to appear. Click each credit card name to select that card; then repeat for multiple cards.
o Logos (optional): If you have uploaded a small image to display on payment methods, select it here.
o CVV images (optional): CVV is Credit Card Verification Value, the 3-digit number usually on the back of your card. Select an image you have uploaded for the CVV Tooltip Help that shows the 3-digit number circled on the back of a credit card.
o Transcaction Types: Authorization and capture or Authorization only (see Elavon for understanding of this selection)
o Order Status for Approved Payments: Select from Pending, Confirmed by shopper, Confirmed, Cancelled, Refunded, Shipped
o Transaction declined: Select from Pending, Confirmed by shopper, Confirmed, Cancelled, Refunded, Shipped
o Transaction held for review: Select from Pending, Confirmed by shopper, Confirmed, Cancelled, Refunded, Shipped
o Countries: If you want this payment method to be visible only to customers in certain countries, select the countries from the drop-down list. Otherwise, leave this option blank.
o Minimum and Maximum Amount: If you want this payment method to appear only if a customer's order is above and/or below a certain amount, enter the minimum and/or maximums here.
o Discount or Fee per Transaction: If you want to charge a flat payment fee for each transaction (example $5.00 per order), enter the amount here. Example 5.00 will add a $5.00 transaction fee.
o Discount or Fee per Total Amount: If you want to charge a payment fee based on the total amount (example: 1% payment fee), and it is legal for you to do so, enter the percent amount here. Example: .01 will add a 1% payment fee.
o Tax: If you are required by your taxing authority to pay tax on payment transaction fees, select the tax here. Otherwise, leave at "Apply no rule."
o Debug? Selecting Yes will cause debug data to be written to the debug log in the "/logs" folder of your Joomla install instance (ie: elavon.0.log.php). (default NO)

Configuration notes:


When "Use Sandbox " is checked transactions are sent to the "demo" My Virtual Merchant portal at Elavon. My Virtual Merchant may or may not return successful transaction codes depending on the credit card number used and/or the last two digits of the total amount. You must use one of the test credit card numbers listed on the My Virtual Merchant website, otherwise the card number may be rejected before it is ever sent to My Virtual Merchant. Elavon tech support offers an option to set up a 30 day test profile at no charge if you need to do more extensive testing.

You can view details of each transaction by logging on to the My Virtual Merchant portal with credentials for your account as supplied by Elavon.

Advanced configuration options:

Debug option is forced to NO for the production version.