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ETU® File Transfer Utility   for the IBM®  System/36 or IBM I (AS/400)

ETU File Transfer Utility from Trilobyte is a software package that provides file transfer between your IBM Midrange Host and your PC or Macintosh® computers.

ETU File Transfer Utility from Trilobyte is a fast and easy way to transfer data between an IBM System/36, Advanced Series 36, or AS/400 and DOS, Windows, or Macintosh platforms. Computers can be connected either locally or from remote locations.

Designed for ease of use. ETU software runs on the System/36, Advanced Series 36, or AS/400 and interfaces with a DOS, Windows, or Macintosh computer without a virtual disk. An easy-to-use menu allows you to select the transfer or translation operation you want from a list of options.You’re prompted through the entire process, while an up-to-theminute status message keeps you informed of the program’s progress.

Powerful two-way translation. ETU translates files to and from a number of DOS, Windows, and Macintosh formats, including ASCII Basic, ASCII Tab, ASCII Text, DIF, or MacApp. 

Versatile print file options. Transfer print files quickly from the PC to the System/36 or AS/400 printer when you need high-speed printing. Print spool files can also be downloaded from the System/36 or AS/400 for offline printing on a DOS, Windows, or Macintosh computer.

Unattended operation. ETU lets you transfer files at the time of day that’s convenient for you—even when support personnel aren’t available.  For automated file transfer, initiate ETU by host procedure or in conjunction with a resident keystroke file.

Local and remote emulation compatibility. ETU is compatible with both local and remote emulation products, including Trilobyte IP Client, ES/3XTwin®, ES/TCP™, ES/TEC-2™, ES/Remote™, MacMidrange®, and other 5250 local and remote emulators from Trilobyte and elsewhere.

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