Trilobyte Software Systems



Trilobyte IP Client offers the most full-featured and user friendly capabilities of any TCP/IP 5250 emulation product.

Trilobyte IP Client uses the TCP/IP capabilities of the IBM I (AS/400) to maintain up to 32 concurrent session windows, supporting both TN5250 and TN5250E.

Using independent session windows, Trilobyte IP Client and its auto font scaling and window sizing eliminates scroll bars on your emulated display. Up to 32 printer, display, and file transfer sessions are maintained on any adapter that can run Windows and TCP/IP including token ring, ethernet, and asynchronous connections.

Share host data with IP Client. Cut/Copy and Paste lets you transfer full screens, selected text, or individual fields.  Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) compatible programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel are supported.  For advanced data transfer, a full featured GUI file transfer program comes standard with Trilobyte IP Client.

Hotspots, Hotpad, and Keyboard Macro mouse activated 5250 functions are supported.  A user defined Hotpad allows you to customize the number and size of each button, as well as the button text and graphics.

80 and 132 column displays, as well as both color and monochrome attributes, are supported. Custom keyboard layouts and pop up keyboard map make 5250 functions easy to locate.