Trilobyte Software Systems


We are proud that Trilobyte Software Systems has become the worldwide primary distribution and technical support point for Trilobyte IP Client.  This software is the latest version of the flagship product, IP Client Bundle, of the now defunct Synapse Communications of Missouri.

Our mission is to continue to sell, support and improve IP Client into the foreseeable future using the Synapse IP Client source code as our base.  Towards this end we have released Trilobyte IP Client which includes everything that was in Synapse IP Client under our new brand.

IP Client provides display and printer emulation and an SQL based file transfer for Windows based PC’s connected to IBM midrange computers( IBM I; iSeries, AS/400).  It is a very competitive market and IP Client stands at the head of the class of emulation products currently available.  There are tens of thousands of very satisfied users of Synapse software in the world who depend on it daily.

We have worked with products made by the founder of Synapse, Joe Frank, since 1984.  Joe passed away in August, 2005 and Synapse closed its doors shortly thereafter.  Joe was one of the greatest people ever.  We formed a company, Synapse Network Associates, based in California, in the early 1990’s specifically to sell and support his products.  That company is now closed.

Trilobyte continues to serve the IBM Midrange market in a variety of ways ranging from system analysis, to programming, to technical support, to the marketing and sales of companion midrange products such as Trilobyte IP Client.

We have moved to the annual software subscription system for ongoing maintenance and support of IP Client.  We are honoring existing Synapse site licenses for the pricing of additional units in conjunction with the purchase of an annual software subscription contract of Trilobyte IP Client for an entire site. 

The purchase of an annual software subscription contract will get you the new Trilobyte IP Client, technical support and software updates as they become available. 

We look forward to serving you with the same quality of service and support you have come to expect from your Synapse experience.