Trilobyte Software Systems

Advanced Printing Under TCP/IP

Trilobyte’s TCP/IP Printer Daemon takes advantage of IBM extensions to the LPD/LPR (Line Printer Daemon/Line Printer Requester) protocol to process printer datastreams in EBCDIC SCS (SNA Character Stream) format as well as formatted ASCII datastreams. The chief benefits of transmitting SCS datastreams are reduced AS/400 CPU utilization, retention of document formatting information and seamless integration with IP Client's printer emulation. Integration with IP Client allows the use of any PC printer--not just those for which IBM provides a formatting and routing capabilities.

The marriage of the Printer Daemon and IP Client's outstanding printer emulation removes the final obstacle to full implementation of native TCP/IP in AS/400 networks.  Best of all, the implementation allows users of OS/400 Versions 2 and 3, as well as Version 4, to enjoy the performance and simplicity of native TCP/IP connections.

Additional features of the TCP/IP Printer Daemon include user-defined and manipulable document queues, multiple writer support, host name and host queue validation, automatic document type recognition and provisions for preventing the loss of documents due to printer or connection failures. The program also supports printing multiple copies, if specified by the AS/400 system or requested by the user.