Trilobyte Software Systems

Batch Transfer capabilities of IP Client File Transfer

To use the batch capability, create an ASCII text file containing the names of the transfer request files. Each transfer request file name should be on a separate line and contain the fully qualified path. Only transfer request files with the extensions .A2P or .P2A will be recognized.

The command line of the IP Client program (WT400XFR.EXE) must include the switch /B and the name of the ASCII text file that contains the transfer request file names.

To run the batch file transfer unattended, each transfer request named in the ASCII file should have the following attributes:

        Show Percent Complete = OFF
        Notify Upon Completion = OFF
        Warn on File Overwrite = OFF
        Exit Upon Completion = ON

During execution IP Client will log, in a file named WTBATCH.LOG in the program directory, the name of the batch file and the name(s) of each transfer request as it is started. Prefixing each line in the log file is a date/time stamp in the format YY.MM.DD/HH:MM:SS. Currently, the successful (or unsuccessful) completion of a request is not logged.

Any errors or warning halts will function normally during a batch transfer. If a transfer is aborted due to an error, the next request found in the ASCII file will be started. The Cancel button can be used, however, to terminate the batch transfer entirely.